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Stainless Steel Sink Care and Use Instructions

-How do I clean my stainless steel sink to keep it looking great?

After every use, rinse thoroughly, then wipe the sink dry with a clean soft cloth. Wiping is the key; this will inhibit water spotting and mineral deposits in severe hard water conditions. BLANCOCLEAN, BAR KEEPERS FRIEND, FLITZ, GORDON’S MIRACLE SHINE and/or SHINEY SINKS PLUS (follow the directions on the product) are products available in hardware and grocery stores that can be used every day to protect, polish and clean your stainless steel sink.

- What Not To Do ?

Do not use any abrasive cleaners such as scrub pads or Steel Wool, as these products will dull and tarnish the finish.

Don’t let household cleaning agents, such as bleach, sit in your sink for a long period of time as this may ruin the finish of your sink.

- Surface Rust & Stains

Stainless steel does not rust. GORDON’S MIRACLE SHINE, FLITZ & BAR KEEPERS FRIEND are all effective at removing “surface” residue such as: tarnish, lime deposits & hard water stains. Follow the directions on the bottle.

- Scratches

Scratches are inevitable in any sink material, including stainless steel. Over time, these scratches will become uniform with the sink’s grain.

We offer stainless steel grids to help protect the sink from scratches.

In regards to stainless steel, most minor scratches can be softened with a Scotch Brite (soft scour) pad, accompanied with a deep cleansing agent such as BAR KEEPERS FRIEND, COMET, ETC. Wet pad, apply cleansing agent, rub vigorously with the “grain” or finish of the sink (NOTE: DO NOT JUST RUB AGAINST THE GRAIN OR IN ONE AREA. YOU MUST RUB ACROSS THE ENTIRE SURFACE), then rinse thoroughly.

While granite is the most durable countertop surface offered in the market today there are some basic rules to follow when caring for your new stone tops.  

For engineered stones, we recommend that the homeowner follows the manufacturers care and use instructions.  Most brands have their maintenance and warranty information listed on their websites. 


  •  Clean stone surfaces with a neutral cleaner, stone soap, or a mild liquid dish-washing detergent and warm water.


  •  Similar to any item cleaned in your home, an excessive concentration of cleaner or soap may leave a film and cause streaks.   We recommend that any cleaning is followed by a rinse with a damp cloth to remove any excess residue. 


  •  To protect the stone further use coasters under all glasses, particularly those containing alcohol or citrus juices.  Products containing lemon, vinegar or other acids may dull or etch calcareous stones. Also, scouring powders or creams often contain abrasives that may scratch certain stones.


  • While many stones can withstand heat, the use of trivets or mats is recommended.  Only place hot items that are immediately dissipating in heat upon the surface, an item that is still conducting heat at a high degree could cause a stress crack in the stone.


 Sealing is a common step taken on some stones as an extra precaution against staining.  For those that are coated with a resin, sealing is not necessary.  For stones not coated with a resin, CKC will seal the stone with an industrial strength sealer upon installation.  It is recommended that you re-apply a seal to your countertops at least once  every 6-12 months depending on which stone was purchased.  We recommend that you pay close attention to the rate of water absorption on your countertops.  If water is absorbed almost instantly and water will no longer bead on the surface for a short period of time, it is time to re-apply a sealer.  CKC recommends the use of a water based stone sealer.  These sealers are readily available at local hardware stores and other retailers.  We recommend that you follow manufactures directions when using these products.  While any water based sealer will work on your stone surface, for a strong industry trusted sealer, we recommend AKEMI Triple Effect Sealer.  This product can be purchased online or in our showroom.  Please contact us to order at any time!



Custom Kitchen Countertops, LLC guarantees the craftsmanship of the installation of our countertops for a period of one year from the date of installation.  The stone must be cared for properly and must not have been moved or re-installed.  CKC, LLC does not cover the stone itself, as it is a natural product it can not be guaranteed.

Natural Stone Care and Use Instructions recommeded by CKC

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