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A special mix of state of the art machinery and good old fashioned hand crafted fabrication goes into each and every CKC stone top.

Our staff knows that each color of granite, type of stone or brand of quartz, has different reactions to stone fabrication equipment, pressure and movement. We take the care necessary to bring your beautiful new countertop to life!
CKC Promise
We stand behind every product that we manufacture and install.  We offer a craftsmanship warranty that covers things like seaming, cut-outs and adhesives. This warranty is provided to our customers prior to the installation appointment.   
At CKC, our staff understands that you have welcomed us into your home.  We go above and beyond to ensure our customers and their homes are treated with respect and courtesy.  The installation process can take anywhere between 1-8 hours depending on the size and scope of a project.    We also offer additional services either by our staff or licensed and insured partners to customers as needed: removal and haul away services for customers with existing countertops, plumbing reconnection, and contracting services for modification of existing structures or cabinetry.  
CKC offers Free In-Home Estimates to homeowners in the Baltimore Washington and surrounding areas.  We can also provide an estimate based on measurements provided by our customers either electronically or in our showroom.  Our Sales staff is well versed and prepared to answer any and all questions you may have relating to design, durability, fabrication, installation or warranties.  With years of experience we can offer opinions and options based on our industry knowledge and current design trends.    

Template and Measure
Every project is a custom designed and manufactured product specifically for the area for which it is ordered. Our templaters will need to visit your home to take detailed state of the art digital measurements and templates of the cabinetry or base support prior to fabrication.  The templater will note the sink and range type, faucets, dishwasher location (which is important for seaming) job-site access and appliance compatibility to ensure the whole project comes together as expected.
Stone Selection
The stone selection process can be one of the most enjoyable experiences when it comes to remodeling.  We work with some of the area’s largest and most trusted suppliers of natural stones.  Within a climate controlled viewing yard, customers are encouraged to find a stone that suits their personality and the essence of the room in which it will eventually find its home.  Veining, stone density and material size can impact a design greatly.  It is recommended that all customers consider making a trip to choose their stone slabs to be fabricated.

Please visit our Stone Distributors websites to view a full selection of current slab inventories

Custom Kitchen Countertops, LLC is a fabricator and installer of Natural and Engineered stone surfaces for residential and commercial customers in the Baltimore Washington area.   We offer stellar service with a beautiful product to home owners, kitchen & bath dealers, new home builders, commercial general contractors, architects, designers and more...

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